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  • Kevin Lidlow

A Potential Trade for Bengals QB AJ McCarron?

There’s been a lot of buzz going around that the Jets are interested in Bengals QB AJ McCarron and they are thinking about giving them Sheldon Richardson. If this can be a straight up trade where the Jets don’t give up any draft picks then I’d say they can take it into consideration. I also can see the Bengals doing this because they can lose him for nothing when he hits free agency next offseason. The Jets are looking to tank in this offseason and when you are in their position you have to look at all options example: Jay Cutler, RG3, Brock Osweiler, etc.

But here’s the problem, if you’re the Bengals you have to sweeten the offer. Let’s not lose sight of his pedigree, He’s a former fifth round draft pick who has only thrown 119 passes and one playoff experience after replacing Andy Dalton when he down with an injury. He is a game manager; but there is a reason why he fell after winning two national championships at Alabama. The Jets would need to get a draft pick in that swap because He is not proven and has little inexperience. Both teams would be taking a risk because both players could be one and done. The Jets would have to make him their starting quarterback so the question is do you take that risk?

I would say no to that because he would be a band aid quarterback and the Jets need a long term guy. Plus that would also mean that they are giving up on Christian Hackenberg, that would be bad on Maccangnan because he took that risk.

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