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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets Repellent Against Top Named Offensive Coordinators

If you’re an offensive coordinator in the NFL, there’s two things they would like if you want them to be a part of your team: that would be job security and a quarterback. The New York Jets can’t offer that. Previous OC Chan Gailey stepped down from his duties and announced his retirement, leaving an open spot at offensive coordinator. The problem is who would want this job? The Jets don’t have a proven quarterback, both Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg- still fall under the development category. The Jets will probably not land a top named OC but on the bright side, that means a young hungry coach will have a chance to rebuild a unit under a coach who won’t meddle. Here are some looks under Todd Bowles radar:

John DeFilippo, Eagles' quarterbacks coach: The Jets have shown interest in the Eagles QB coach, and why not? He has coached Derek Carr, Carson Wentz, and even Johnny Manizel. He was the coordinator for the Browns in 2015, and did a respectable job under tough circumstances. However, the Eagles denied the Jets permission to interview him for the job, so we can count that out.

Mike Mccoy former Chargers coach: After having a 27-37 record during his tenure, the Chargers decided to part ways with him. However, he was pretty successful in Denver as he took the Broncos to the playoffs with Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning, so he covered both ends of the quarterback spectrum. He will be a demand though, it could be a tough get for the Jets.

Another good one would be Norv Turner, the former Vikings coordinator. He did a nice job of developing Teddy Bridgewater. Turner believes in a strong running game and play-action, which appeal to Bowles. The Rams could be a landing spot. I think it would would perfectly for him to come to the Jets, however he wants it on good terms which means they have to have a quarterback.

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