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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Bryce Petty's Time To Shine is Now

It's safe to say that this year has been a complete disappointment for the New York Jets. As a team that went 10-6 last season, there was big expectations for this team. It just didn't seem to come together this year. With a record of 3-9, many Jets fans are hoping that the team will lose out to gather a better draft pick. I can't say that I don't share these feelings. But in the easiest matchup of the season, Bryce Petty, with a 1 and a half games under his belt, will be the starting quarterback for the last quarter of the season.

The Jets are at a strange point in their existence. With having a few savvy veterans, some pieces are in place. Yet some of them are just clearly not working, and Maccagnan will need to figure out which pieces are worth keeping and which aren't. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith will not, and should not, be back with this team next season. But Bryce Petty has an audition to prove himself. Facing a good matchup against the San Francisco 49ers first the types of games Petty plays will change drastically. He will face all three division rivals to close out the season.

Again this is a catch 22 scenario. Should he win out the season, you could make the argument that Petty deserves to be the starter next season. But this would make the Jets 7-9 and give them a mediocre position in the draft. Should he lose out... maybe you keep Petty as a back up, or maybe you get rid of him completely. But while losing out gives you a better draft position, I think that it means you're in total rebuild mode. It'd be time to ship out the pieces you have because you need cap space and a lot of picks. meaning a long process for Jets fans.

I don't know which scenario we will see, but both have their perks and disadvantages. So far, Petty hasn't done too well in the regular season. Losing to the rams and managing a garbage time touchdown against the Colts. But with a full week of practice as the starter, who knows. This may just be the quarterback we were looking for.

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