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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets get embarrassed again on Monday night losing to Colts 41-10

Jetslose again at home on Monday night again last night as Coach Bowles says they got their butts handed to them against the Colts. Andrew Luck returned to the field after missing the thanksgiving prime time game a couple of weeks ago and he certainly had some fun out there last night, torching the awful Jets secondary who couldn’t cover anyone to save their life. “To get back out there and do some decent things, that’s fun,” Luck said after throwing for four touchdowns, three to tight end Dwayne Allen. This game couldn’t have been an easier win for the Colts, they completely toyed with the lifeless Jets from the beginning, when Jets Jeremy Ross got to his 11 yard line with the opening kickoff return. Then on the Jets first series, they went three-and-out, gave the ball to Luck and seven plays later, he hit a wide open Allen for a 7-0 edge.

The Jets offense was completely horrendous as they couldn’t get anything going. Fitzpatrick went 5 for 12 for 81 yards and one interception. The receivers were dropping the ball left and right and the aging o line couldn’t block for nothing. Bryce Petty took over in the third quarter, but it didn’t matter at all as he went 11 for 25 for 135 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. There was nothing he could’ve done, the Jets were already losing and his receivers couldn’t get open for him. Petty will start the final four games of the season as the Jets are now out of the playoff race. Now we get to see if he our franchise quarterback or not.

The Jets will be visiting the San Francisco 49ers (1-11) next Sunday, who haven’t had much success at all this season, but at this point the Jets will find a way to lose that game too. It has been a disappointing season for this team and if you’re a fan of this team, just hope that these four weeks will just fly on by and we can go into the offseason.

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