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Special teams, offense, and defense went wrong in Jets loss to the Dolphins by Kevin Lidlow

The New York Jets lose the Dolphins 27 to 23 on Sunday in which all sides of the ball struggled horribly for the most part. Ryan Fitzpatrick was decent between the 20s, but self destructed in the red zone; only 4 for 9, with one touchdown and one interception. He leads the league with five interceptions inside the 20 yard line. The pick came on a miscommunication, with rookie Robby Anderson, where Fitz threw a jump ball in the back of the end zone but none of his teammates were there to jump for it. I will give him credit for returning to the game after he injured his knee, but for goodness sake the Jets were in the redzone multiple times and could’ve scored at least 30 points or more.

        The special teams were no better either, they were supposed to be better than last year, but we haven’t seen any improvement. The kicking unit has given away two touchdowns in the past three games, this time it was a breakdown on Kenyan Drake’s 96 yard game-winning return. After the rekick, thanks to Antonio Allen’s offside penalty, he thought he was onside but the replays however shows he was slightly off. The coverage was completely terrible, some of the players looked out of breath after that return on the previous play with Jakeem Grant.

        The defense was no sunshine and rainbows either as they mostly gave the Dolphins a couple extra yards thanks to penalties. Sheldon Richardson (unnecessary roughness), Calvin Pryor (taunting), Skrine (unnecessary roughness) and Julian Stanford (roughing the passer) All of those penalties were completely avoidable, but the players lost their composure. On the first drive, they had more penalty yards than the Dolphins offense had, that resulted in a Jay Ajayi touchdown. I understand that Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry is the one that delivered the first punch now and then but the refs will always see the second hit, so the Jets need to keep their composure.

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