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Brandon Turner's Best Bets: Week 9

We went 2-2 on our last set of bets to put us at 5-10 on the year. A .500 week is a marked improvement but were aiming for more this week with some tasty bets. 

Dallas Cowboys (-7 ½) at Cleveland Browns

The Cowboys are a vastly superior team who match up well with the Browns. Cleveland tends to let things snowball once they’ve lost a lead and the Cowboys O-line and LT clone of a RB will keep chalking up points in garbage time. This should end up a blowout that will safely cover our spread.

New York Jets (+4) at Miami Dolphins

Ugh, yes I hate betting on the Jets as much as yall do but this just makes sense from a matchup standpoint. The Jets crushed Miami twice last year because their physical style of play always seems to shake the Dolphins up. Also Miami’s newfound life on offense has been based on the running game whereas the Jets are giving up the least amount of rushing yardage. Meanwhile Miami can’t stop the run themselves which should ease the pressure off the Jets mediocre QB.

Buffalo Bills (+7) at Seattle Seahawks

It’s been over a month since Russel Wilson scored a touchdown, but I’m supposed to believe he’s going to beat the bills by more than one? Nah, I’ll take Rex (gulp) in this one.

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