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All My “Quarterbacks” by Kevin Lidlow

In this episode, Geno Smith gets a second chance to be a starting quarterback after Ryan Fitzpatrick has yet another terrible game against the Arizona Cardinals, throwing for 16 completions out of 31 attempts for 174 yards and one interception, before being replaced by Smith. Geno was the starting quarterback for the Jets against the Baltimore Ravens this previous Sunday. I will say that he looked really good against a good Ravens defense even though his receivers had a hard time catching the ball. Geno went 4 for 8 with 95 yards and a touchdown that came from Quincy Enunwa on a 60 yard run. Then Geno gets hurt before halftime on a play where he was sacked by Judon where he could’ve just thrown the ball away. Then, Ryan Fitzpatrick came back in the game and threw 9/14 for 120 yards and one touchdown.

        Fitzpatrick looked pretty good on Sunday underneath a gameplan that was built for Geno Smith, but I’m not giving my hopes up because this is still the same guy who had more turnovers than touchdowns in their four game win streak. However, we don’t have a choose but to put him in as the starter since Geno Smith tore his ACL. On Sunday, the fans were screaming for Bryce Petty to come in, but HE’s NOT READY! He just returned from a shoulder injury that he suffered in the preseason and we’re talking about a second year quarterback whose regular season snap would be his first. The Jets have three more games until their bye week, so if they were to go 2-8 then i can see happening, but for right now give the kid some time, this is possibly the future franchise quarterback!

        After Sunday’s win, Ryan Fitzpatrick took a shot at the coaches, staff, and owner for stopping to believe in him. First of all, He had more turnovers in a span of four games than any other quarterback, so you wonder why they stop. I get that you don’t have all of your guys there, but you should’ve been here during the offseason to build chemistry with these young guys. That being said, Head Coach Todd Bowles responded to his comment by saying “If pissed off is going to stop the turnovers, then I’m more than happy to have him pissed off the whole time.” That was an fantastic response for Bowles, since he is a former player, he understands where the quarterback is coming from.

        This is just a never ending soap opera for this team at the quarterback position and it also involves former Jets legend Joe Namath after making a nasty comment to Geno (Which by the way, he owes an apology). Only the Browns are a team that had more starting quarterbacks. I should call TBS to see if they will air this show, I guarantee you that it will win an Emmy or an Oscar. Joking aside, I as a Jet fan am sick and tired of seeing the same nonsense year after year. It’s plain and simple, They need a franchise QB, which is why I’m willing to wait to develop Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg because these two guys will be a great quarterback some day.

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