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  • Kevin Lidlow

The Same Old Jets We've Come to Know

If there is one thing to know about being a Jets fan is that to never give your hopes. After coming off a very impressive win over the Buffalo Bills and the offense exploding by scoring 37 points and Fitzpatrick looking like he earned his twelve million dollar contract, they come off a long break and looking like a deer in the headlights, clueless. The Jets offense got shut down by the Kansas City Chiefs, losing 24 to 3 in a game where we saw the Fitzpatrick we know and hate.

On Sunday, The New York Jets attempted to pass on 12 of 14 snaps inside the Kansas City Chiefs' 20-yard line (including one that resulted in a defensive pass-interference penalty). After coming off a game where Matt Forte scores 3 touchdowns in the red zone against Buffalo, you've got to wonder what were they thinking? Are the Jets having an identity crisis on offense? Head Coach Todd Bowles says "I think we know who we are. We just have to be who we are" Let's face it, the Jets may have some great receivers on offense and I understand that you want to get them some catches, but this is a run the ball kind of team and need to continue to do so. Fitzpatrick should not have to throw it 40 times a game. I don’t care how well he did last week, it's a new week and a team that has a good passing defense.

For the most part, Chan Gailey has done an amazing job in the 19 games as an offensive coordinator in setting up the game plan, but he needs to have a balance with the run game and the pass game. Especially, after Fitz throwing 6 interceptions (one of them being a pick six). Most of the Jets' 2015 success was based on their red-zone efficiency which was No. 1 in the league. They need to regain that mojo coming Sunday because they will be playing the Seattle Seahawks and they aren't a slack off team that's for sure. The Jets lack a stable home-run threat, so they will need to excel when they get close to the goal line. They cannot afford to miss opportunities when its provided to them.

The Jets already have a tough schedule, and they are 1-2 in the league. If they fall to 1-3, it could be very difficult for them to bounce back. This can be a very crucial game for the Jets, so they need to find out what their identity is and fast. Fitzpatrick cannot throw the ball 40 times, especially when they are going up against one of the best secondaries in the NFL. Give the football to Matt Forte and let him run loose!!!!

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