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Brandon Turner's Best Bets Week 3

We went 0-3 last week, which even counting our last minute pick of the Eagles over Bears, brings us to 2-5 for the year. If you had bet 100$ on each game you’d be down about 340$ and have every right to jump me as I get out of the car in Norfolk every day (but please don’t.) We’re going to get you back on track this week though with some tasty lines provided to us by Bovada.

Texans (-1 ½) @ New England

Yes the Patriots managed to still look unstoppable even with their O-line, Gronk, and Brady out. Something has to give though versus the #3 defense in the league. Jacoby Brisset shouldn’t be able to consistently generate offense against this team and the Texans are no slouches on that side of the ball. If Belichek can win this one, then hats off.

New York Giants (-4 ½) vs Washington Redskins

The Redskins have had a tough start to the year and have started to turn on each other with internal issues bubbling over. The Giants meanwhile have looked strong and have the kind of secondary to deal with the Redskins numerous passing options. The Redskin will need to lean on Jordan Reed here if they have any chance of winning.

Arizona Cardinals (-5) at Buffalo Bills

The Bills just made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like John Elway. What is Carson Palmer and his expansive core of receivers going to do? Rex seems to have spent the week putting out fires to keep the Pegulas from firing him mid-season. I find it hard to believe he’s had the time to figure out how to fix is defense.

New York Jets (+3) at Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs don’t have the receiving options needed to beat the Jets deep where they are vulnerable. They do have the TE/RB core to beat them in screens and passes over the middle but, the Jets aren’t as vulnerable there now as in the past, thanks to investments made in players like Darron Lee and Calvin Pryor. Add in that the Chiefs interior line is banged up and you can see a game where the Jets play in attack mode, daring Alex Smith to beat them deep. The Chiefs defense will bring Fitz down to earth but he should still put up 20 points and win this game.

Oakland Raiders (+1) at Tennessee Titans

The Raiders defense is absolutely abysmal. I honestly can’t figure out how that’s possible with so many impact defensive players but it has become apparent. Fortunately the Titans offense is pretty awful too and if there is any game that’s winnable by the Raiders, it’s this one. Throw in the free point and I will bet on the Raiders barely winning a shootout thanks to Carr and Cooper.

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