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  • Kevin Lidlow

Ceasefire between Fitzpatrick & The Jets

Let it be known that on July 27, 2016, the drawn out and suspenseful contract dispute between the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick is finally over. Fitzpatrick is finally back with the Jets just like we expected back in February. I'm sure when fans heard about this they became extremely thrilled, and rightfully so; he is the best chance the Jets have to finally get back into the playoffs. However, I'm not here to say how this gives the team have a better chance or how good the Jets can be, but I am here to bring the fans back into reality.

Fitzpatrick got what he wanted and the Jets get their quarterback, so if you want to declare a winner, give a slight edge to Fitz. The deal is a one-year contract worth $12 million according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter. Fitzpatrick can also earn an additional $3 million with team incentives, meaning a playoff berth, etc. I give credit to general manager Mike Maccagnan for putting his foot down and giving Fitzpatrick a deadline to sign. This whole stalemate was just completely pathetic; Fitz was reportedly offered many contracts that were in his favor and should have signed before training camp to lessen drama so the team could focus.

Now, looking at his 2015 statistics, Fitzpatrick threw for 31 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, which is pretty good but while watching the games, he could have thrown for more at either statistic. Luckily, his teammates bailed him out and the opposing cornerbacks dropped many potential picks. Lastly, what about Geno Smith? He has been trying to create chemistry with his fellow teammates, and now they will have to do it all again during training camp and that might put the Jets in a hole early on.

Leave it to the Jets to create drama like this, but I will give credit, again, to Mike Maccagnan for putting his foot down, saying that he wants to win, and was getting sick and tired of those losses. All Jets fans can do is pray and hope for the best because they could be in for a wild ride this season.

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