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  • Kevin Lidlow

Why Wilkerson Doesn't Deserve The Big Money Contract Yet

The New York Jets have a tight situation here, they have to find a way to sign their starting quarterback before training camp or week 1 of the 2016 season. Now they have to figure out how to sign their star defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson who a couple months ago got franchise tagged by the Jets is looking for a Fletcher Cox deal or else he will miss out on training camp. Cox signed an extension that reportedly includes $63 million in guaranteed money, which is the most for any non-quarterback in NFL history. Now some people think that he should get that kind of money and respectfully so because he has done wonders for us at that defensive line, but I'm here to say that I think and the Jets think he needs to do more if he wants that kind of money.

Now your probably thinking am I crazy? Well I probably am but personally looking at how he preformed in 2015 makes me think he needs to something spectacular in 2016 to even consider a contract like that. This is what he had to say to the New York Post about the Cox's deal; " I think he's a great player. Do I feel like I'm better than him? Yes. I feel like I'm better than him and whatever (his deal is) I deserve that or better." If you compare the stats for the past 4 years you can see why he said that. Through his first four years Wilkerson has 33.5 sacks, ten more than Cox, 8 forced fumbles (three more than Cox), and 14 batted passes (nine more than Cox). Last year he had about 12 sacks but if you watched the games, most of them came easy for him. For example, against the Titans he had three sacks, but most of those sacks he was barely touched. The only other time he has had double digit was in 2013 where he had 10.5 sacks.

Of course Wilkerson is definitely the star on that defensive line but he needs to be more consistent. I think Wilkerson deserves a contract because he has done a lot for this team but I believe that if Wilkerson wants to earn the big money, I think he needs to have a point proven season to show the Jets that he deserves the big money contract.

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