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NFC East Quarterbacks: Who Has the Edge?

A lot of talk has been made of the NFC East and especially that of the QBs within the division. The division has a plethora of Super Bowls to its name, and hasn't had a repeat champion since the Eagles repeated from the 03 to 04 seasons. Lately the division has seemed more of an easy first round win as 4 of the last 6 seasons have been wildcard losses by the division winner. Now, on to the QB evaluation.

The Redskins have Kurt Cousins, and they feel like he is their franchise QB that they got for a steal in the 4th round, after trading the world to get RG3 with the 2nd overall pick in 2012. Cousins has played well and even looked the part of a elite QB at times, but has shown to be very inept, if not average when playing against any team that has a winning record.

The Cowboys have Tony Romo and through all the playoff mistakes and general injuries, his stats have been consistently the best in the division. Romo, since 06, has played in all 16 games, 5 times and missed 27 total games over that time. One thing to point out about Romo is how absolutely terrible the Cowboys have been in the years Romo has missed extensive time.

Giants have Eli Manning, a Super Bowl winning QB who's numbers have been mediocre at best up until 2014, he has had 20+ INTs 3 times in his career and only less than 14, 2 times. Manning's Super Bowl winning teams have been 9-7 and 10-6 and those teams have had top defenses to help push along a QB whom threw 23 TDs and 20 INTs in 07 and 29 TDs and 16 INTs in 11.

Next comes the Philadelphia Eagles. To get started their "starting" QB is even more injury prone than Romo and almost as bad against good teams as Cousins. The Eagles projected backup Chase Daniel is very unproven, with just 464 yards 1 TD and 1 INT to his name for his career. The Eagles moved up in the 2016 draft multiple times in order to select their "Franchise QB" with the 2nd overall pick, Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State University. The Eagles are the only team without a solid day 1 starter, even though management have said Bradford is the starter. The Eagles plan is for Wentz to sit back and learn and have Daniel back up Bradford for when he inevitably gets injured, as they most likely will be fighting for 3rd place rather than 1st.

Barring injury, Dallas has easily the best team with all the ability to play with anyone. This season will be one for rookie head coach Doug Pederson to observe every player. Players like Nelson Agholor, Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham will have a especially close eye kept on them as they have been under performing as of late. Pederson has all the pieces, it's just a matter of if he can make the crucial decisions to bring this team from average/below average to Super Bowl contenders.

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