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Chip's Final Stand

Were we as Eagles fans mislead with regards to the expectations leading up to the 2015 NFL Season? Yes. Head Coach turned GM Chip Kelly gutted this team and molded it to what he envisioned his team to be moving forward. The results are a mixed bag of bad with some potential.

I want to call out Chip Kelly as a fan and as a writer. Do you think Eagles fans are stupid? Do you think we don't know or have some knowledge about football and the team we love and cheer for yearly? Well we do and I speak for the majority when I quote the late great Wrestler Owen Hart. "Enough is Enough Dammit. It is time for a change."

Chip if you would of been sincere and clear that this rebuild would take time to develop and that expectations should be tempered most of us would not have been too high on our team to start the season.

Week 4 has come and gone and we are 1-3. The blame is squarely on the Head Coach for not getting the right players or depth at vital positions such as the offensive line.

I hope Jeffrey Lurie gets in Chip's face and gives him an earful. This year has 12 games left and anything can happen. Until this team plays a solid 60 minutes and wins football games we will just see spurts of the potential that could have been.

Chip has 28 games, 12 this year and 16 in 2016 to get this team back to the playoffs. If not Chip will be back in college and Eagles will be hiring another HC in a span of 4 years. I am tired of watching the Eagles struggle and being mediocre at best. I know this team is a lot better then their play says they are and could and should be playoff contenders.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie the ball is in your court if you feel like shaking up this team after 1-3 I will applaud you. If you decide to stick to Chip for a couple more years you should take away his role as GM and get the players necessary to help make this team successful. This team is headed towards not winning a playoff game in 8 years and that isn't good enough for us.

Chip the time is yours.

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