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  • John Hazlet

Wells Lays the Smackdown

If you had any doubt of Tom Brady having a role in DeflateGate, you need to hear the statement Ted Wells put out today regarding the findings in his report.

Wells came out swinging today, defending his report and slamming Brady’s agent Don Yee. Wells down right challenged Yee to release the “copious notes” took during the Wells interview with Brady. Wells said. “He should publish the notes and stop acting like there is some secret in the notes,” Wells said. “He should publish them.” Clearly Wells took offense to Yee claiming that this report was a witch hunt against Tom Brady.

Wells had his credibility attacked and went on the offensive pointing out they he has never before discussed any of his investigations after releasing them to the public. Wells called the personal attacks on his credibility “out of bounds, unfair and plain wrong.”

Also, Wells defended his report that Brady was uncooperative in regards to his cell phone. Wells said Brady cooperated when interviewed, but he wasn't forthcoming in providing digital evidence from his cell phone. Wells said he told Yee and Brady that the QB would not need to surrender his phone, nor would investigators look at any private information contained on it. He also said he told Yee he would allow the agent to find the relevant information and provide a printout, yet Yee refused. "It might have yielded additional insights into what happened," Wells said.

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