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  • John Hazelet

Winston to the Jets?

With all of the recent talk about the Buccs ownership being lukewarm on selecting Jameis Winston with their first overall pick in this years draft and the recent tweet reporting that an FSU staffer claims the Jets have shown the most interest in Winston, I thought it would be interesting to explore the option.

What would it cost the Jets to move up? Based on the infamous draft pick value chart, the value the Jets would have to give to move up 5 spots is huge. For starters, this years 1 and 2 isnt enough.. It would likely cost the Jets two more picks in future drafts such as a first rounder next year or a second rounder in each of the next two drafts. If the Jets were so inclined to make a splash, the more likely scenario would be combination of players and draft picks. The Jets have a history of trading their big name players before they are ready to cash in on free agency. Examples in recent history are Revis to the Buccs, John Abraham to the Falcons and Keyshawn Johnson to the Buccs. All three were big time Jets and all three were ready to cash in. Mo Wilkerson is a big time Jet who is ready to cash in on Free Agency. Is it possible the Jets would consider packaging this years 6th over all pick and Mo to move up to get Winston? Is it possible that the Buccs would consider such a move? History shows the Jets and Buccs have worked together before. Would they be willing to now?

I find it very unlikely. The Jets should not be willing to mortgage their future on Winston. On field, you can make the argument he is worth a ransom. Off field, he could be a gamble. Woody Johnson has been very deliberate on changing his image as a cheapskate. I think showing Mo Wilkerson the money would allow Jets fans to forget the owners frugalness of years past.

From the Tampa point of view, the fact that they are as QB hungry as the Jets tells me that the Buccs will need to come away with a QB on draft day. Which QB could be an interesting question.

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